Promo video - Revolve Eco-Rally

The annual Eco-Rally is a city to city convoy of the cars of the future - plus some of the most environmentally-friendly cars available today.  This video is a compilation of news coverage for 2007 & 2008.

World Environment Day 5 June 2007
​A synopsis of the media hype, VIP drivers, interviews and speeches plus a selection of the best green vehicles on display at the inaugural Eco-Rally which took place during London Sustainability Weeks.

Green Transport Week, 21 June 2008.
At the height of fuel protests over the price of oil, and the heated debate about food vs fuel, Revolve set British motorists a challenge: "drive from Brighton to London in the greenest way you can. The destination was a music festival on Clapham Common, where the drivers were tested for eco-driving skills whilst their cars were tested for emissions. The winners each received a satnav and shared their green-driving knowledge with the assembled crowd as a finale to the LoveLondon Festival. Brighton to London Eco-Rally.



This video contributed towards securing increased sponsorship and support for future events.