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Logo Refresh - SBNF

For small organisations with limited marketing budgets, it is vital to promote the website whenever possible to increase and maintain community engagement. The organsiation needed their logo to work harder to explain who they are, what they are doing and why... and where to find out more. To provide continuity, the modified logo design is a rationalisation of the existing logo,  to accommodate the addition of a slogan, motif and short web address. as a complete 'logo-set'.

The new standalone logo makes a clearer link between the words "shoreham beach forum" which make up the long web address. 

The motif is like a pictorial vision statement. It represents the organisation's desire to strike a balance between residential and recreation, heritage and modern design, nature and development... and a reference to the impact and potential of wind. 

The motif also acknowledges the community's desire to protect the beach environment, their relationship to water and vulnerability to flooding. The slogan "let's make a plan" is a summary of the mission.


Before design intervention: 

"the new logo looks fabulous and I love that you made the email badge a clickable link - very clever detail!"

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