Graphic design mentor for youth festival

I volunteerered to be a design mentor in a New Deal for Communities initiative. Working alongside a local hip-hop collective and graphic designer, we engaged with disaffected young people in our area, helping them to promote their own festival. participative design. The Student's Union provides mentors to the New Deal for Communities initiative and I have volunteerered to be a web design mentor. I am working alongside a local hip-hop col lective and graphic designer to enable the 'youth' to organise their own music festival. New Deal for Communities [London, UK] - I was invited to act as a design mentor for a youth festival scheme run in conjunction with Artifacts Entertainment & a local Hip-Hop group. Initiative was shortlisted for an award and became an annual event. The festival would involve local residents (in the 15-24 age bracket from the New Cross Gate NDC catchment area) showcasing their work from one of six ‘incubator’, or interest groups. Specifically, it was noted that clear synergies can be achieved via two routes: Co-management of a Festival for young people in the New Cross Gate NDC Mentoring and training opportunities with the youth of New Cross Gate NDC Marketing (flyers and poster) produced by NDC youth two months in advance of festival. Process overseen by GCSU staff member. Additional mentoring support from students with an interest in Design. SE ONE FOUR/8 & the Blue Borough The South-East London hip-hop collective who are organising the music festival. Their aim is to bring back 1992...'It was before hip hop became a marketable product and started brainwashing the youth into believing rap was all about benz, gemz and buns'. New Deal for Communities Government regeneration with strong emphasis on building cultural partnerships and developing links and networks of people and organisations.

Before design intervention: 
Before the New Deal for Communities festival

This pilot scheme became an annual event and was short listed as an Outstanding Project for the Higher Education Active Community Fund Student Volunteering Awards.

My role: