Event design - 2009 Brighton to London Eco-Rally

Project: The Annual Eco-Rally: 2007 - 2012
Project elements: Event Design → Fundraising → Planning → Promotion → Production → Analysis → Improvement. 
Event Publishing via website (eco-rally.org) + social media channels + supplements + magazines. Liaison with multiple partners. 3D Modelling & prototyping. Health & Safety assessments. Plans & signage design. Unified branding. Press coverage optimisation. Custom branding and social media integration. Celebrity-product matching. Vehicle livery. Interactive experiences.

Before design intervention: 
photo of park before

"Sustainable transport is one of the most pertinent issues we face. We can become world leaders in this field, and if we really take advantage of the opportunities, we will benefit economically, environmentally and socially. I applaud the aims of the Eco-Rally and am proud to have been there at the start." - Zac Golsdmith MP