Data overlaid onto the most successful petition in Uk parliamentary history

Three years on, the latest anti-Brexit petition (currently 5.1m signatures after a few days) and the latest million-strong PeoplesVote march, suggest it is still true...

This heat map is another illustration of how the majority of people who contribute the most financially and have the best educated population and the youngest average age... still think staying in the EU is the best option.

There is a strong correlation between the regions that contribute the most to our country's economy (hundreds of billions of Gross Value Added ££££), have the best universities and those who have signed a petition to revoke Article 50, i.e. remain and reform the EU. These regions also have the youngest populations - meaning their future will be affected the most by Brexit.

If the brains and economic engine of this country continues to think it's a bad idea to leave the EU, why are we doing it? 

The government’s decision to reject, ridicule and ignore the concerns of this important group (who have been labelled "citizens of nowhere") has led to desperate measures, such as the two biggest petitions in parliamentary history (both attracting over 4 million signatures). The woman who started the latest petition has received death threats. The MPS who are supporting their pro-remain constituents are also receiving a huge amount of abuse.  

Isn’t it time to stop making enemies out of each other - especially elected British representatives who work within the EU - and stop the class war? After all, the major cities of this country are made up of the best and brightest people who moved there from all over the country. Maybe the so-called "liberals" are "the elite" for a reason? 

Maybe the diplomatic damage is too great to repair. If the EU doesn't want to let the UK back in - that's completely understandable - but we have to come together, get some perspective and heal this self-inflicted wound.



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