Big screen animations - 2007 Eco-Rally show, London

Project: 2007 Eco-Rally Project elements: Event Design → Fundraising → Planning → Promotion → Production → Analysis. 
Event Publishing via website + social media channels + magazine. Liaison with multiple partners. Educational & promotional video production & editing Collating and compiling digital billboard content Health & Safety assessments Plans & signage Banner design Unified branding Custom branding and social media integration Celebrity-product matching Interactive experiences Press coverage optimisation

Before design intervention: 
before image

"Congratulations ... I think the level of VIP and media interest generated speaks for itself" - Ford, UK

"The Revolve Eco-Rally shows how car manufacturers across the world are getting the green message in terms of their contribution to climate change." - Malcolm Wicks MP, Minister for Science & Innovation, 2007

"The Revolve Eco Rally '07 was a great success and it was a pleasure to take part and contribute." - Nicky Gavron, Deputy Mayor of London, 2007