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I have always been fascinated by the complexity of the world and the beauty of natural design. Now I am a Freelance Designer based in Shoreham-by-sea, UK. I like to make the most of every opportunity - put in the work at the beginning to get the most long term benefit. With sustainability at the heart of my design, I am driven by the desire to reduce waste: whether it be wasted ideas, wasted data, wasted potential, wasted time, expanding waistlines... and of course less landfill. I am a multidisciplinary designer with strong conceptual design skills. Words like minimalist, multifunctional and modular get me excited. I apply the principles of sustainability to all that I create.

I have a degree in Ecological Design from Goldsmiths University, London and aim to deliver solutions that are human, holistic and sustainable. I am passionate about service design, user experience and sustainable mobility (getting from a A to B without the C). I help business, individuals and community groups to harness design, social marketing, technology and insight. I am straightforward, 'tactfully direct' and motivated by getting the best outcome for all involved.